These Cartoon Conspiracy Theories Will Ruin Your Childhood

If you’re a late ’80s/early ’90s baby, then you’re probably familiar with the golden age of cartoons; the Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, and Scooby Dooweren’t just TV shows, but ways of life. But of course Internet trolls have to crap all over our childhoods and publish conspiracy theories that suggest our favorite cartoons weren’t as innocent as we thought. If you’re mentally prepared, check out these nine theories that will change the way you view Tommy Pickles and Garfield forever. (Disclaimer: These are just theories, and we’re sure the Rugrats kids are doing just fine for themselves.

Scooby Doo takes place during an economic depression.

One Reddit user theorizes that the original Scooby Doo series takes place during a 1930’s-esque great depression, and the villains the Mystery Gang catches were once esteemed people like professors and celebrities down on their luck.

Garfield is dying of starvation.

User lusciouslou’s interpretation of the beloved food-loving cat will make you cry. According to the Reddit member, Garfield is actually slowly dying of starvation and, as a byproduct, is imagining delusions about his “family” members Jon and Odie.

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