22 Easy and Fun DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Let’s get started with the DIY outdoor furniture projects. They can be very fun and easy to make. If your garden is empty and boring then you must do something about it. DIY furniture can make your garden look awesome. Also if you don’t have money to spend on expensive outdoor furniture, then you can make it by yourself. We can help you with these great tutorials.

There are a lot of interesting outdoor furniture ideas who will inspire you to make some yourself. Find some old pallets, tires or any junk you have and make something functional but in the same time creative out of it. We present you 22 easy and fun DIY outdoor furniture ideas. Have fun…

1. Touch up some cheap old pallets with colors to get a vibrant outdoor table

Source: www.dumpaday.com

2. Use reclaimed wood to create an ice-chest with a free bottle opener

Source: palletfurniturediy.com

3. You can use an old milk jug to craft a cheap farmhouse style table

Full Tutorial: thegirlinspired.com

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