BEST 8 DIY Automatic Plant Watering Systems To Make Herb Gardening Easier

Setting up an automatic watering system frees up precious time while keeping your garden healthy.

There are many reasons people decide to setup a self watering system. Whether they are planning several vacations and day trips over the summer, or just have a busy schedule where watering the garden is not at the top of the list.

Having an automatic plant watering system is one of those gadgets that helps make daily life just a little bit easier.

Here are a few of the most popular automated watering systems.

Indoor Plant Watering Systems

There are several different types of indoor plant watering systems. Depending on the level of automation needed, you may use a plant watering globe, an indoor drip system or self-watering container.

1. Plant Watering Globes and Spikes

Plant Watering Spikes

One of the more successful and attractive indoor systems is a water spike. There are several different manufacturers of this device, which gives you a choice of styles and appearance, as well as cost.

The basic premise of the plant watering spike is the fact that it is a reservoir that waters your plants through capillary action. The spike itself is made of unglazed ceramic or other porous material. It sits almost flush with the surface level dirt in each herb pot, with the spike beneath the surface.

A small plastic tube goes from the spike to the nearby reservoir, and when the soil around the spike gets dry, it automatically draws water through the device into the soil. Yes, this does involve a reservoir, but some of the containers are quite attractive.

Some watering spikes do not come with a reservoir, so you have to supply one on your own. I like the terracotta plant waterers as they have a natural look and you can choose the long-neck bottle of your choice such as a pretty wine bottle. Some folks have also used the 2-liter soda bottles however, it becomes a little top heavy when full. Place the reservoir above the plants so the siphoning action will work properly.

Plant Watering Globes

For your containers, both inside and outside, Plant Watering Globe Stakes are quite popular. These are lovely glass globes with a hollow spike. You fill the globe with water and insert the spike into the soil. As the soil dries out, water leaches from the globe into the soil.

These self-watering globes are an attractive way to water your plants without having hoses and tubes trailing everywhere. Large pots may require more than one globe.

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