25 Facts About San Diego Comic Con

1. The first Comic Con was called the Golden State Comic Con. It was held at the U.S. Grant Hotel in August 1970, with 300 people in attendance.

2. Comic Con is the biggest convention of any type in the United States and the fourth largest of its kind in the world. Only the Comiket in Japan, the Angoulême International Comics Festival in France and the Lucca Comics and Games in Italy are bigger.

3. Hall H is the largest Hall in the San Diego Convention center. It seats 6,500 people.

4. SDCC generates an estimated $165 million each year in revenue for the city of San Diego.

5. Since making its’ home at the convention center in 1991, the numbers have reached maximum capacity. SDCC doubled in size to 70,000 by 2003 and then nearly doubled again by 2010 when attendance was estimated at over 130,000.

6. Currently, there is a proposed $520 million expansion of the Convention Center.

7. San Diego Comic Convention (the corporate name of the non-profit organization behind Comic-Con International: San Diego) also puts on the Alternative Press Expo (APE) and WonderCon.

8. Around 1982, Rick Geary created with the Toucan logo. It was retired in 1985.

9. Graphic designer Richard Bruning designed the current “eye” logo in 1995.

10. The convention has been featured on TV in: The O.C., Weeds, Entourage, Beauty and the Geek, Punk’d and The Real World: San Diego.

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