27 Clever Ways To Keep Warm Without Whacking The Thermostat Up

Close the Curtains at Night

When the sun goes down, close the curtains to keep as much of the natural heat in as possible. The thicker and heavier your curtains, the less heat that can escape.

Plus thicker curtains help block out drafts too. If you have especially drafty windows (or even doors), it’s worth adding curtains or even pinning up a heavy blanket or rug over them.

Block Off any Drafts

Curtains aren’t the only way to block out icy drafts. For a quick fix, roll up old towels and place them along the base of doors and windows.

You may also need to seal up old cracks and gaping spaces around window and door frames with some sealant. Don’t forget letterboxes, pet doors and even keyholes, which can be small but icy sources of air.

Keep Doors Shut

It’s another obvious one but you’d be surprised how many people neglect to ensure all the doors in the house are fully closed, particularly in unused rooms. Remind the children to close doors after them too!

Put Down Carpeting and Rugs

Did you know you can lose as much as 10% of your heat through uninsulated floors?

Add carpets or scatter rugs on the floor. They’ll keep in the heat, brighten up the room and you won’t have to face standing on cold floors when you hop out of bed in the morning.

Light a Fire

You’ll save on both your heating and lighting bills if you spark up a roaring fire. But, if you have an open fire, you could be losing as much as 90% of the heat up the chimney! A closed stove is a much better option.

Either way, even looking into the bright orange flames can instantly make you feel warmer, and sets the scene for a perfect Fall or Winter night.

Remember to save your ash and use it around the home and garden .

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