Top 5 Archaeological Sites in Cyprus You Have To Visit

For something like 12,000 years the eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus has been at the crossroads of some of the greatest empires of the world.  From the Assyrians to the British, the depth of history on the island is astounding.  You can’t really visit Cyprus without checking out some of the amazing archaeological sites to be found on the island.

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archaeological sites in cyprus



Although the earliest archeological remains to be found at Salamis date to the Late Bronze Age, well before the Greeks, Salamis was once

Salamis Gymnasium. Courtesy Wikipedia.

one of the great Greek city-states.  Located on the east coast of the island at the mouth of the Pedieos River, Salamis shows early Phoenician and Assyrian presence. In fact, for a long time the rulers of Salamis paid tribute to the famous Sargon II.  Later, Salamis led the entire island in a war to free it from Persian rule and then served at an early capitol of the island. Salamis also played an important role during Roman and early Christian times serving as the home base for St. Barnabus, mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles. A series of earthquakes, the harbor silting up and finally the Muslim invasion left the city abandoned to the forces of nature.  Excavations began in 1952.   The ruins remain impressive. Particularly the amphitheatre.  The site is located just 5km from Famagusta.

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