9 Awesome Ways To Use PVC Pipe You’d Never Of Thought Of

There a few things that are as versatile and resilient as PVC pipe. You can literally use it make almost anything. You can paint it, it can melt it, you can cut it, you can bend it…the list is endless.

Here we have gathered a list of fun, useful project that you can create with PVC pipe and a little elbow grease. From a backyard movie screen frame (yes!) to PVC furniture to some industrial shelving (You know that kind we’re talking about. You can make them with PVC!) there is something here for everyone!

Take a look at the rest of the list below for some great ideas!


Washi Tape Rack – Washi tape is useful from so many things, but with so many different widths and sizes it had be hard to store. These quick and easy PVC rods make them accessible and let you show off all the pretty patterns that you’ve collected!


PVC Wreath – This gorgeous wreath could be a unique addition to your christmas decor – or use it for any season! You can paint it to match any decor theme and hang it anywhere, indoors or out!

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