8 places in Tuscany for archaeology lovers

uscany hosts a number of events designed to promote and protect its rich archaeological heritage. Throughout the year, specialists, archaeology enthusiasts and tourists can attend special openings, showcases, initiatives and major events focused on the region’s archeological wonders. All of Tuscany exudes the air of its ancient past, but 8 places take the crown for archeology lovers all around. Get ready to dive in!

Roselle (Grosseto)

Museo Archeologico e d'Arte della Maremma (Grosseto)

Tuscany was known as Etruria in ancient times, and Roselle (Rusellae), located 8 km north of Grosseto, was the region’s most flourishing town. This Etruscan center became a Roman colony at the end of the 3rd century B.C.E. and was later abandoned when its population moved to Grosseto in the Middle Ages. What’s left today? You’ll find an Etruscan city wall built between the 7th and 6th century B.C.E. vaunting a perimeter over 3 km long and about 7 m high. You’ll also find remains of the Roman city, including the forum, the cardus maximus, the imperial basilica and several aristocratic villas, not to mention a small amphitheater and thermal baths perched on a hill.

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