Top 5 Tips for Sleep Genius Success!

Here are a few time-tested tips for getting the most out of your Sleep Genius app. Our “Top 5 Tips for Sleep Genius Success!”:

1. Don’t Worry If It Takes a Little Getting Used To

Many Sleep Genius users who end up experiencing dramatic changes in their sleep patterns find that it actually distracts them from getting to sleep the first few times they use it. Sleep Genius works by entraining your brain waves to optimal patterns for sleep but it can take a few nights for your brain to get used to Sleep Genius. Give yourself at least a week to start seeing the benefits.

2. Don’t Go for Variety

Sleep Genius offers several different sleep programs to choose from (i.e. “Dreamscapes,” “Tranquility,” etc.) but this is not so you can listen to a different program every night. Sleep Genius works best through repetition of the same program as your brain becomes habituated to its repeated patterns and rhythms.

3. Stick With It!

Find the sleep audio program you like best and stick with it. The more consistently you use it, the better you will sleep. As you habituate with the music, your brain will “reset” to an improved sleep pattern.

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