7 Easy Ideas for Decorating a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are one of the best ways to decorate and add personality to a space, and that’s why they’re so popular! These combinations of photos and prints are always unique and personal, making your home overflow with your essence. Check out these super easy and fun ideas on how to decorate a gallery wall!

Geometric Layout

Geometric Layout.

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One of the first things we have to talk about is the layout. Imagine all the pieces that will compose the gallery wall together and think about the overall design. An easy ways to start a gallery wall is to plan it around a geometric shape, such as a square, oval or rectangular layout.

To make sure the composition will look good, you can make paper templates of the pieces and tape them on the wall, deciding the height and placement of each one. This way, you can arrange and rearrange the pieces before you start drilling!

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