7 Golf Swing Basics That You Need to Practice

Avid golfers can’t seem to get enough swing tips these days. You can find them in magazines,  watch them on television, and probably more often than you like, you get them from your buddies on and off the course. Many times, these tips are specific to a certain aspect of the swing, but experienced golfers break down their swing into the basics, work on these different parts of the swing individually and understand how each aspect is related to the others. Here are a few specific aspects of the swing that you should practice if you want to improve your game.


One of the major obstacles in anyone’s golf swing is the body. Adding flexibility and improving your dexterity will no doubt result in improvements in your swing. All the experimentation and tips in the world can only do so much if the body is unable to perform the tasks required. To improve your golf swing, implement a fitness and stretching program, because everything starts with a strong foundation.

Develop a Pre-shot Routine

According to PGA instructor Andrew Farrea, a previous bad shot, a bad break, a bad bogey, wind, rain or whatever can lead the mind to wander from the task at hand. In circumstances where tension is high, your mind can put your body in a situation out of its normal golfing element, which brings in a high probability for a swing flaw. It is in these times that a pre-shot routine can return your mind to the current shot and situation. Developing a consistent and repeatable pre-shot routine will mitigate swing flaws and mental barriers.

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