28 Natural Secrets To Cleanse & Detox Your Kidneys

Cut Caffeine

Coffee has a number of scientifically proven health benefits but too much of anything can be bad! Overconsumption of caffeine leads to dehydration, a leading cause of kidney stones, so stick to just one or two cups of joe a day.

Embrace Meat Alternatives

The National Kidney Foundation recommends limiting the amount of red meat, organ meats and shellfish in your diet as these contribute to stones through the build-up of harmful uric acid.

Good meat alternatives include beans, lentils, chickpeas and tempeh.

Cook From Scratch

Processed foods are no good for our health – they contain a number of harmful ingredients, and are often high in sugar and salt … all bad for the kidneys. And, processed foods high in phosphorous (including regular and diet sodas) can be especially harmful. When kidneys aren’t functioning to the best of their abilities, phosphorus mounts up in the body and can lead to potentially serious conditions.

Combine Calcium & Oxalate Rich Foods

Kidney stones are often formed by calcium (found in dairy, leafy greens, seafood and fortified foods) and oxalate (found in leafy green vegetables, strawberries, sweet potatoes, nuts and more). However, foods containing these substances also happen to be quite nutrient rich and important for overall health so eliminating them completely from the diet isn’t a good idea.

Instead, it’s recommended to consume calcium and oxalate-rich foods together in the same meal so they can bind to one another before being processed by the kidneys.

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