25 Basic Golf Terms Beginners Need To Know

Golf is a sport played on a large open course. The basics involve hitting the ball with a club and trying to make sure it gets into the hole on the green course. Are you a beginner in playing golf? Understanding fundamental golf terms is necessary even if you are just playing for fun. You will derive more enjoyment from the game if you understand the vocabulary other golfers are using.

Here are the basic golf terms you need to know as a beginner.

1. Bogey – when the number of strokes taken to sink the ball in a hole exceeds the par by one, as in a score of 5 on a par four hole.

2. Par – the number of strokes recommended to be taken to complete a hole, either a three, four or five.

3. Birdie – score of one under par on a hole; one stroke less than par.

4. Eagle– two strokes less than par.playing golf 3

5. Over clubbing – this is using a club that will hit the ball farther than necessary.

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