Amazing Backpacking the Sunshine Coast Trail

The Sunshine Coast Trail is a 180 km hut-to-hut hike on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Other than while in Malaspina Provincial Park (at the Sarah Point side of the trail) and Inland Lake Provincial Park (just past Powell River), the trail is free to hike.

The desire to backpack the Sunshine Coast Trail started as a desire to backpack the West Coast Trail. When I went to plan the trip originally, we were too late to claim any dates for the West Coast Trail. After searching the internet for other multi-day hikes to complete I came across the Sunshine Coast Trail. What originally appealed to me was the novelty of a hiking hut! I pitched the idea to the group I was going with, and within days we had a plan of travel.

Sunshine Coast Trail Map. Source:

This was the biggest backpacking trip that I took over the summer. Myself, three friends and two dogs completed from Sarah Point to the town of Powell River over the course of five days. In total we completed about 50 km of the 180 km trip. Here’s a little bit about how this trip went.

Calgary to Vancouver

Clouds and Mountains, 2017

The first day of travel for this trip brought a lot of crazy. Now, I like to plan things and so we collectively had this trip planned nearly perfectly — or so we thought. We left Calgary at 5:30am, bright and early to make the 10–12 hour drive to Vancouver. Spoiler alert, it took us 21 hours to complete the drive.

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