‘Comicstan’ presents 5 Unknown Facts about Indian Comics

Comics Era in India began around 1947, and people went crazy for comics in India. During this time comics were an expensive mode of entertainment and were only purchased by rich kids. Yep! That’s true. During this time, comics in India used to parade the glory road and were objects of desire.

Initially, most comics were based on mythology and Indian folktales. Eventually, Indian comics started inclining towards creative superheroes with their superpowers. This was the most exciting phase of Indian comics when they used to be printed only. Soon after we saw the doom of Indian comics walk through the door. The electronic and digital media like television, gaming, and big budget movies took over. At Comicstan we pledge to bring back those golden days of the comics, this time using the electronic and digital medium to our advantage.

Now let’s talk about the most amazing historical facts of Indian Comics.

1. The Peak of Indian Comics

Comicstan presents 5 Unknown Facts about Indian Comics

Oh Yes, Indians were ComiCraaazy about their favorite comics. During the 80’s and 90’s, on an average, Indian comic book distributors put together could easily sell about 5 Lakh copies in just the first few weeks of a new release.

2. Indrajal Comics

Comicstan presents 5 Unknown Facts about Indian Comics

Did you know Indrajal Comics was launched by Times of India during the 60’s? They released 32 issues/episodes of ‘The Phantom’ by Lee Falk in India.

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