How To Perfect The Art Of Left Handed Golf Swings

Are you a left- handed golfer finding it difficult to perfect your game? Then don’t despair, instead consider yourself as some of the incredibly lucky ones.

Left- handed golf legends such as Bob Charles, Phil Mickelson and trending champions like Bubba Watson are perfect examples of left-handed players who have proved that this as a game where left handed golfers can excel too.​

And if we look at records and statistics it is the lefties who have won maximum tournaments in the recent years. Though the world has many promising and budding left-hand golfers, many are still trying to perfect their stances and swings. The most problematic being the left handed golf swing.

If you are looking forward to knowing more and learning some great tips about how to get that swing right, then read on and equip yourself with some great information to help you sort out all doubts and become a pro.​

Things To Look Out For Before You Get Started

Before you start the actual learning process here a few things, you need to check out

Proper Left Handed Golf Equipment


Do invest in a good quality golf set with a perfect set of left handed golf clubs. There are special stores both online and offline which cater to all the needs of left-handed golfers- for men, women, and children. So, research the best brands and find out from other left-handed players about the feel of various sets before you take the plunge.

Do not, I repeat do not settle for a mediocre or a cheaper version of original brands as they will not serve the purpose. Having a solid set of golf clubs is the best investment you must make to make your game and swing flawlessly.​

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