11 DIY Ideas For Building Your Own Modern Furniture From Scratch

The closest many of us have ever come to making our own furniture is piecing together the contents of an Ikea flatpack. But no matter how many mass-produced Grundtals and Dagstorps you’ve “built” in your lifetime, it’s never too late to try your hand at actually making furniture from scratch. A book by Indiana-based industrial designer Christopher Stuart, DIY Furniture 2, features 30 chic designs by makers, designers, and artisans around the world, many cobbled together from unlikely, upcycled materials.

There are step-by-step instructions on making chairs from PVC tubes and suction cups; overhead lights from cardboard and electrical wire; and tables from repurposed pizza crispers. And these won’t make your home look like an ad hoc squat or a crunchy hippie pad: they’re as sleek and functional as pieces you might find at, say, Design Within Reach, or Blu Dot. Here, 11 cool DIY furniture designs that you could make at home. We’ve provided detailed instructions for making a simple clothing rack.

Love Aesthetics used basic plumbing parts to make this clothing rack, and kept the design as easy and uncomplicated as possible. To make it, you’ll need four plumbing tubes, all 7/8-inch in diameter (two 80 inches long and two 40 inches long), four three-way joints for plumbing tubes, and some tape.

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