Top 5 Comics Based Facts About Thanos Which You Need To Know About

The most powerful being in the universe, Thanos who was also known by The Mad Titan. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, his main objective is to gather all the Infinity Stones, so that using Infinity Gauntlet, he can rule the whole universe. In the movie, he doesn’t reveal his master plan about his secret mission for uniting all the infinity stone himself. But all we know that he try hard since 2012’s Avengers movie, but eventually fail by both Loki and Ronan.
Next year Marvel’s 10th anniversary going to celebrate with the releasing of Avengers: Infinity War. The main villain obviously will be the Thanos according to D23 Expo footage.

Still, the movie will not cover all of his histories due to the limitation of the budget. Hence, Hero’s Facts has dug up his history from the comic book and going to discuss top 5 comics based facts about Thanos which you need to know


Thanos is of the Titanian race, was one of the last sons of A’Lars and last survivor of the original settlement of eternal on Titan. Throughout the long periods of meditation, he awakens his hidden eternal strengths and powers. As his powers grew, he wants more and more conquest and destruction.

Once he stole one of his Titan people’s space traveling Starship and begins his first search for the recruitment of soldiers, Mercenaries, and Malcontents for his private army. He wants to prove himself being strong and conqueror of the universe, so that he explodes his own city with nuclear devices which killed thousands of his own Titan people including his own mother, Sui-San. So last of him from Titan race, declare himself a true ruler of Titan and begins his journey out in the space to explore different planets to challenge new Warriors.


Unlike the movie version of Drax who cannot stand even Ronan in the Guardians of the Galaxymovie. But comics version of him is much better and different. Real name is Arthus Douglas who lives with his wife Yvette and daughter Heather. Once when Arthus driving with his family, he witnesses the Thanos spaceship being land. Thanos didn’t want any suspect of his arrival, hence he killed them off. While things were under the observation of his father, Mentor who found out about Heather’s survival and took her to his homeland and raise her to become a Titanian. After learning her hidden powers, she becomes Moondragon.

Mentor takes it seriously about Thanos threat to his own people. So that he wanted to create something who can stand him and defeat him. With the help of his father, Kronos, he collects Arthur’s soul before it had completely fled from his body, then forming a hominoid body using earth’s soil, granted superhuman powers and put his spirit inside it. Thus the new warrior was born named as Drax the Destroyer.

During the battle between Annihilation Wave and the United front, Thanos attempting to release Galactus from his prison on Annihilus’ mother ship. Before happening something, Drax broke down Thanos’ defensive shield and punch through his chest and rip out his heart, eventually kill him.

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