15 Insane Conspiracy Theories DCEU Fans Believe About The MCU

The battle between the MCU and the DCEU seems to never end. While the box office numbers show who the clear winner is, there are always those who feel that the DCEU films are underappreciated. That said, we’re not here to give our two cents one way or the other. We’re here on a much more interesting matter. With the increasing success of the MCU and the slow decline of the DCEU (as of the time of this writing), some fans have taken to the Internet to state that some serious conspiracies are going on to make it so. Disney and Marvel are in on some sort of collaborative effort to ensure that their movies are always liked and that Warner Bros and DC’s are always disliked.

While DC fans have some arguments that are worth making, the conspiracy theories have strayed into the realm of ridiculousness. Whether it be on the issue of Rotten Tomatoes, film history, or the underestimating of consumer tastes, there seems to be several insane explanations as to why the MCU is doing well and the DCEU is doing poorly. Are you a DCEU fan? If you are, do you agree with these 15 insane conspiracy theories about the MCU?


This is the obvious one. Ever since the reviews for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice came out on Rotten Tomatoes, DCEU fans have been quick to call shenanigans on the review site. This accusation became even more heated when the reviews for Suicide Squad and Justice League came out.

Multiple petitions have been run by the DCEU fans to shut down Rotten Tomatoes, but there are a few problems with this belief. The first is that Rotten Tomatoes is a review aggregate, meaning that they pull reviews from all sorts of critics to come up with their score. The second is that a sizable share of Rotten Tomatoes is owned by Warner Bros so, if anything, they would pay off the company to give DCEU movies higher ratings.


Heaven forbid that someone like the most recent MCU movie that came out and hate the most recent DCEU movie. This was, once again, the case when Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League came out within weeks of each other. Many critics praised the direction Taika Waititi took for the third entry in the Thor franchise, while slamming the many problems Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon’s team-up film had.

Many DCEU fans say that the reason behind this is because critics and filmgoers are unabashed Marvel fanboys.

While the term “fanboy” is used so frequently that it has begun to lose its meaning, it’s a serious accusation against the thoughts and feelings of practically everyone in the world who likes Marvel movies and dislikes DC movies. Instead of seeing this perspective as a rational belief, DCEU fans are ready to criticize.

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