15 Insane Conspiracy Theories DCEU Fans Believe About The MCU


When people start talking about the quality of Marvel’s films, one argument that’s often quoted is that Marvel shouldn’t get the credit for pulling off the cinematic universe because DC did it first. You might be wondering to yourself where in the world they managed to fit in a series of films that all coexisted in the same universe, and the answer is that there isn’t one.

Back in the day, you might remember a show called Green Hornet. Believe it or not, there was a small crossover between this show and the Batman series back in ’66. There are a few other examples of crossovers like this decades ago, and that’s what the DCEU fans cite as DC having done the shared universe first. Technically, they would be correct, but does that mean Marvel shouldn’t be praised for their scale on the concept?


Most of the DCEU movies have been given mixed to negative scores by critics. While points of quality are brought up in many of these reviews, fans of DC’s movie universe have gone the extra mile to state that they’re simply hated because they’re not formatted like Marvel.

Due to the success of the MCU, some DCEU fans believe that audiences want all superhero movies to be done the way Marvel is doing them.

It’s often said that DCEU movies are just misunderstood — especially when talking about Man of Steel and Batman V Superman. The problem with this outlook is that it only works so long before people are going to have to admit that there’s something that Warner Bros is consistently doing with these movies to make them constantly poorly received.

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