After spending a few seasons landscaping and building garden beds, I found myself finally settling into the mindset to add in the small details that often go overlooked during the building, planting, and hauling of dirt that occurs during a new garden process. Garden border details and lighting solutions were fairly simple to incorporate once the yard began to take shape, but it’s always felt like something was missing.

In my search for something to bring more life to my garden, I quickly found that water feature ideas were definitely a topic to further research. Water features bring a touch of tranquility to your gardens, and also is a beneficial addition to your surroundings. Not only is the trickle of water a peaceful and relaxing sound, water provides a draw for birds and other beneficial critters to your gardens.

Whether a water feature is planned in advance as a prominent feature to your landscaping, or is a simple add-on to your existing yard, you will be glad to have taken the time to include it.


Space constraints are only an issue if you make them so. Even if you aren’t sure if you have the room for the larger water feature you may want, consider getting creative and tying it into something you have already planned to install- such as this retaining wall that serves as a meandering garden river.

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