The 24 Most Insane Theories About Who Rey’s Parents Are

There are a few big mysteries in The Force Awakens. We’ve discussed one already (the identity of the First Order’s Supreme Leader Snoke) so now it’s time to discuss an even more pressing question: Who are Rey’s parents? The internet has some ideas—lots of ideas, each crazier than the last. Here are two dozen possibilities for Rey’s father, mother, ancestor, or even her creator that someone, somewhere, earnestly believes.

Spoilers for The Force Awakens, obviously.

1) Luke Skywalker

Luke! Obviously! The Star Wars movies have always been about the Skywalkers, so why would Rey—the star of the new trilogy—be some random girl? Fans of this extremely prevalent theory point out Rey’s giant, nascent Force powers, the strange looks Han and Leia give her when she’s introduced, and Luke’s tears upon her arrival. Opponents of the theory point out the same evidence, explaining that this solution is so obvious it can’t possibly be true. To be fair to the Luke-ists, Rey’s parentage was at least partially conceived by J.J. Abrams, who also chose Benedict Cumberbatch to play the most obvious character possible in Star Trek Into Darkness, and also seemingly thought he’d tricked the world. On the other hand, if Luke was willing to abandon his five-year-old daughter on a desert planet for any reason, the sequel trilogy has a much, much bigger problem.

2) Han and Leia

A lot of people really, really want Rey and Kylo Ren, née Ben Solo, to be related. They want the fight for the galaxy to come down to brother vs. sister. They need it. So their solution is that Han and Leia had another kid after Ben, and when Ben went crazy, they hid little Rey on Jakku to keep her safe—again, a planet full of criminals, scavengers, and limited food resources. This has the same problem as Luke, in that Leia and Han would have to be either severely terrible people or total idiots to abandon their child. Bonus point for Han, though, who apparently spent the last decade or so searching for his ship, the Millennium Falcon, but not his daughter.

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