26 DIY Cardboard Furniture Ideas That Are Surprisingly Practical

Have you ever found yourself wishing for a particular piece of furniture to do a certain job? What stopped you from buying that piece?

Well, most of the time it is the price that stops us from buying furniture because let’s face it, it isn’t cheap.

However, I have recently run across an idea that I think is definitely worth sharing. Are you familiar with the idea of cardboard furniture? If not, then I’m guessing you are probably thinking what I was thinking the first time someone mentioned it to me. My initial response was, “Huh?”

But after checking into it, cardboard furniture is very inexpensive to make, it allows you to use recycled materials, and it is also actually very durable.

So I wanted to bring a selection of cardboard furniture ideas to you to see what you thought and if any were of interest to you.


Here is what I found:

Cardboard Furniture Ideas

1. Cardboard Lap Desk

Do you own a laptop? Do you do a lot of work with it? If so, then you may find it helpful to have an actual lap desk.

Well, you no longer have to buy an expensive option. Instead, you can create your very own from cardboard.

Check out this cardboard furniture

2. Cardboard Desk and Shelf

This is actually a really lovely set-up. They made a desk of cardboard which would be great to complete school work on.

Then they added cardboard shelves over the desk which would be great to hold books or other trinkets as well.

Check out this cardboard furniture

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