Say what you want, but those comedic moments do help.

But nobody ever said it was perfect, and as with many Marvel Cinematic Universe films it’s got some real problems. With the exception of Loki, hardly any of the Marvel villains have been memorable and the films’ plots are pretty formulaic at the best of times. The MCU plays it safe by giving the audience what they want. It isn’t a groundbreaking strategy, and certainly isn’t as bold and daring as DC’s, but giving the audience what they want counts for a lot. That isn’t bias, it’s people enjoying being entertained.

Maybe – and here’s a crazy thought – just maybe, some of these films which have been deemed as good are actually good, and some of them which have been deemed bad are actually bad? Sure, they’re all flawed in some way, like any creative piece of work, and some may have been judged wrong – but maybe it’s also about which ones still do a good enough job to be enjoyable. That and the opinion of the individual.

That isn’t to say that all the critics are right or all the fans are right. People are individuals, and as such they like (or dislike) different things. Is there bias in some reviews? At times there can be, but the better critics look past that bias, and fans do the same sometimes too. There are always some who don’t, but then a critic’s review is a guideline only. Some critics take bets, like Jonathan Ross did, or just say unpopular things to get attention. Others say the popular thing simply to join the crowd.

But at the end of the day, critics (even the best of them) are human and the most they can offer are opinions, not truths.

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