Ultimate Backpacking Guide To Asia

After growing up in Canada’s frozen tundra and counting down the days until my annual hibernation ended; when I decided to leave for good, I vowed to spend my days in some paradise where the sun would always shine. After falling in love with Asia and spending the last two years on this breathtaking continent, I now have the opportunity to follow the sun around Asia 365 days a year.

Read below for a rundown of the “best times to go” and what not to miss in each country when backpacking the asian trail:


Celebrate one of the most colorful festivals in the world at holi across Nepal and India backpacking the asian trailWhether you’re in Nepal or India in March, attending the festival of color known as “Holi” will turn you pink and leave you with a memory for a lifetime!

Best Time To Go: October – June

Given that you could spend your entire life travelling through India and still not see it all – Be sure to start from the south and work your way north. Not only is it an easier introduction for travelling India, but you will get the best weather possible.

From hippie Hampi to the deserts of Rajasthan, the burning Ghats in Varanasi to the Himalayas of Dharmsala, you will find yourself coming back for years to come, and in great weather.

July & August: During the summer months, to avoid the rain, head over to Ladakh where the road is only open during the summer months and is ideal for trekking.

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