10 Amazing DIY Furniture Transformations You Should Follow

These aren’t just makeovers but complete DIY furniture transformations – repurposing and upcycling an old thing to give it a completely new life. What’s so attractive about transforming a piece of furniture this way is that first, you can do it yourself, and secondly, you can save a lot on a getting a unique piece of furniture for your home.

You can choose your style too, from rustic chic to traditional and classic, with as much whimsy and decor statement as you see fit. So here are 10 amazing furniture transformations with tutorials for you to try yourself.



Old Dresser to a Bench

Check out the tutorial: #DIY an Old Dresser to a Bench Transformation #craftsTutorial: photokapi.com

This old dresser has seen its day but once you transform it.

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