Backpacking on the Panorama Trail

We awoke at 6:00 am, got a quick breakfast of cold cereal, broke camp, and readied our packs.  Because my backpack was so heavy, I only carried one third the usual amount of water for this hike, although I also had one litre of liquid electrolyte.  We planned to have lunch at Illilouette Fall, after which I would replenish water, if needed.

Day 1: Glacier Point to Little Yosemite Valley

After breaking camp, we had to skedaddle to the shuttle bus by 7:00 am.  If we missed this bus, we would miss our connection to the Glacier Point bus.  Most of us were ready, but Chris wasn’t quite ready, so some of us ran ahead just in case the bus came hoping that we could ask the driver to wait.  Fortunately, the bus was 15 minutes late so it turned out that we didn’t have to worry at all!

Half Dome, from Glacier Point

We got to Yosemite Lodge in plenty of time to catch the Glacier Point bus, leaving us plenty of time to grab a sandwich for lunch or whatever last minute items we might want.  As for myself, there really wasn’t anything I wanted to shop for.  Whatever I’d buy, I’d have to lug the whole way and, at this point, I was already 5 pounds overweight.  I would do my souvenir shopping after the hike was over!

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